There are 5 ways a player can help maintain and grow this Server/Community. Donate, Invite, Post, Comment, and Encourage others to do the same.


It takes loads of time and money to provide what we are all currently enjoying. A little goes a long way towards keeping it all going.

Post for our Server

You can Post pictures, gifs, and videos about our server on Twitter, Instagram and Redit.
Just use any of the following key words or all of them.
PlayItYourWay, Arma 3, AJSOC, AltisJSOC, Multiplayer, Coop.

Invite Your Friends

Here is a prepared message that might encourage your friends to join you on the server.

Hey, check out this arma server i've been playing on, it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. Check out their website to see what im talking about.

Comment on our Server

By Commenting, you let players know from a current players perspective, how good or bad the server is. These comments are the number one way to help advertise this server and the number one way to create for yourself, an active community.

The list below are all of the places we currently are aware of that you can comment on the server.

Arma 3 Monetization Compliance disclaimer

  • We comply to all of Bohemia Interactive's Policies for Monetization.
  • We do not charge or require players to pay to play on our server.
  • We do accept donations for the server but do not require them.
  • We do not use any third party mods.
  • We do use our own server side custom built addon/framework, which does not require players to download or purchase to play.